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Australian Natural Adventures partners with many travel suppliers to bring you the best experience possible. There are many airlines, rental car suppliers, travel insurance companies, tour operators, hotels, lodges and others contributing to the world tourism industry. While we don't know them all, we have been working in tourism world-wide for over twenty years, and have seen some come and go, others stay, and others start up. With many of our partners we have a personal relationship, but in all cases we have carefully scrutinized their operations, how they do business, and what they offer. We are confident that in each case you, the traveler, will receive their best attention and effort.

In some cases our partner may be a world-wide airline, such as Qantas. Other times they may be a small, one or two person operation specializing in one particular aspect of one region or country. Whenever possible our partners are associated with the country we're visiting, so our dollars benefit our host country.

Some of our partners logos or links appear on our website. Please click on these to visit them.


Preferred Partners

Preferred Partners is our name for experiences that we think stand out from the pack. Generally we mention this designation when a relevant tour or property is described. A Preferred Partner will provide you with elevated levels of comfort, service, experience and have a unique quality that sets it apart. A list of many of our Preferred Partners can be found here.