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Chambers Rainforest Lodge Atherton Tablelands Queensland AustraliaOnce we’re at our destination we prefer to see the best places, and have the best experience. Sometimes this means well out of the way, using whatever accommodation we can find. But it may also mean downtown, and a very nice hotel. Usually it means a mix, with more rustic accommodation away from the cities, and good, convenient hotels in them. We prefer to be comfortable whenever possible, but will sacrifice a little comfort to be close to the action. The bottom line is usually pretty simple — “do we like it here?”

If you’re enjoying a day at the beach, or doing the rounds of South Australian wineries, we don’t see much sense in pre-arranging lunch at a hotel, making you return wMatamanoa Island Fijihen you may just want to stay for another hour or two. If we’re looking for wildlife we don’t like to be still traveling when the animals are already retiring for the day. So there may be early mornings, and late nights, with rests during the day. Some days will be very full and structured, others less so and more flexible. But we don’t like to includemany “day at leisures” in our set itineraries. We feel that you came to us because we know the destination, not you. Why make you find out what’s there when you arrive? (Of course, our custom tailored itineraries, designed just for you, are just that — tailored to your needs, and so will be just how you want them.)

We also prefer to see parts of the destination well, rather than most of it poorly. So we tend to concentrate on a few areas with each itinerary, exploring in depth, rather than just sight-seeing. We construct our — and your — itineraries with a view to getting a good feel for the place, with a variety of experiences and locations that reflect its character and uniqueness.

We try to fly the airline of the country we’re visiting whenever possible, but naturally we also considersea kayak Abel Tasman National Park New Zealand the most suitable and economic flights. We're also happy to incorporate frequent flyer flights if you can get them. In that case we'll advise which flights willwork best. Safety, schedules, and service are always paramount, however. In the destination country we fly between different more distant areas, or sometimes use a train if you prefer. From international flights you'll usually be met and transferred to your hotel, and always if you request it. Due to airport regulationsyou’ll be going through customs and immigration unaccompanied, and this means here will be no-one to help with your bags while doing this. A lack of porters may also be the case at smaller lodges and hotels, especially away from the cities. However, being experienced travelers, and having read our material, we’re sure you’ve packed light.