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Our Approach

We are not a typical travel agency, just booking set tours that you can just as easily find on the web yourselves. We take pride in knowing our destinations intimately, and carefully putting together an itinerary just for you. On the other hand, if you do want a set-schedule organized tour - and there are some very good ones of these - we can book that for you as well. However, we'll still discuss with you your needs and preferences, and help you decide just which tour is best for you. There's no charge for this, and we can also help with other arrangements that might be needed to make the chosen tour work best. Perhaps you need to arrive the day before, and will need a hotel, or international and/or internal air isn't included. Maybe you want to add a few days to visit friends, ot to do something not included. And of course there's often US domestic air - what's the best schedule that will fit in with the international air?

We can also answer all those pesky questions, such as "what electric plugs do I need?" and "what's the best way to take money?" Our extensive pre-trip information, suggested reading, luggage tags, passport jackets and other support material make your journey easier and more enjoyable.

We also don't add all those additional fees along the way. You'll get an all-inclusive price, even if some of the final payments, such as car hire, are made in-country. This way you'll know just how much your trip is costing from the outset. We also don't charge for changes to the itinerary, unless it's late and we are charged by a supplier to change something. No $25 here and $50 there just because you want to decide an afternoon tour would be better than a morning one, or you decide to upgrade or change your hotel on the advice of friends who just got back.


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