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Welcome to Australia, New Zealand & Fiji


Australia's our home, and New Zealand is our next door neighbor - and our back door's always open. And that makes a difference when you travel to Australia with us — you’re visiting our place. It also means we know Australia's culture, places, people and nature intimately, from the ancient Aboriginal paintings on the Arnhem Land sandstone to the best cheese factories in Tasmania. We're also a Tourism Australia accredited Premier Australian Specialist, and accredited by each of the Australian States and Territories.

But we don’t just know about the big things, the famous things. Yes, we can get you to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, snorkeling or diving on the Great Barrier Reef, enjoying champagne as you great barrier reef Queensland Australiawatch the sun set on Ayers Rock, and enjoyAustralian black opaling the delights of Sydney. But we know also know who will guide you for several days along wild and untouched beaches and rivers mouths; where to see opals being mined (and get some great deals) and how to find a platypus in the wild. We know how to get married on the beach, what’s showing at the Sydney Opera House, and where to find a luxury spa in the world's oldest rainforest. Who has the best tour package to Australia, and what's the latest air travel deal? Ask us. And we even know how to correctly pronounce Melbourne and Cairns (Melbun and Cans). We know on which tropical islands you can camp by yourself in peace, and which ones will get three hundred visitors for lunch. We also know which are the good seats at the Australian Open in Melbourne. For wildlifred flowering gum tree Australiae tours and nature travel we know when the storm-bird comes down from New Guinea, and when the orchids are blooming in the Victorian desert (that's right, in the desert!). (We have a dedicated website just for nature tours, so if this is your interest please click on Nature Travel Specialists to go there.)

We can tell you how to walk on a glacier in New Zealand, the best places for sea kayaking, and where to find a pro for a hit of tennis in Christchurch. Where's the best place to see a kiwi (the bNew Zealand jade tikiird, not the New Zealander, or the fruit), and how to lie on a beach in a natural hot-water pool in the sand.

Australia is where trees flower profusely with red blossoms, where buffalo, deer and antelope don’t roam, and a possum is furry and definitely cute. It’s where the oldest living culture in the world still keeps its traditions, from desert to rainforest. And where once you’ve been there, you can’t wait to get back.

In New Zealand there are 20 sheep for every person, parrots that will eat your car, and some of the best wine and seafood in the world. There are mountains to ski, rivers to raft, and bridges to leap off with a giant rubber band tied around your ankles. And people often called the world's friendliest.

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Just click on your desired destination to start your journey Down Under. We're always adding to these pages, so come by often.


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If you'd like to find out more about travel to Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific quickly just give us a call tollfree on 1 877 VEGEMITE. Don't forget to ask about adding Fiji to your travel - it's an easy stop on your way Down Under.


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